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 Do you need Zennoposter?

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Do you need Zennoposter? Empty
PostSubject: Do you need Zennoposter?   Do you need Zennoposter? EmptySat Oct 20, 2012 11:06 am

Dear friends!
I am glad to introduce to you unique SEO-product

ZennoPoster !

More powerful, more flexible, more easy to use as never before.

ZennoPoster –all-in-one SEO solution for task automation.
Whatever sphere of SEO you are in, it saves a lot of time and money.
ZennoPoster is piece of software designed to automate actions in your Internet browser. You can easily automate for a few minutes any work in the browser that you would usually perform manually. You don’t need any special knowledge to use ZennoPoster, it is as simple as a Lego kit!

The best backlinks!
Most SEO
tools on the market are limited by the sites and engines in which they
are trained. With ZennoPoster you can build backlinks, where others
can't do it!
The best resources for SEO are rapidly changing their anti-bot systems. While others are waiting for updates to their SEO software for days and weeks, you'll be able to rebuild the work of your bots in a few minutes!
After playing with ZennoPoster for a while you'll be able to create bots
that work with not one, but many similar and different sites.

Must have SEO software
Everyone, who works Online, gets many small tasks
that can be easily automated using ZennoPoster. Checking a variety of
settings, posting content and small parsing - ZennoPoster is always at
hand and can save you a lot of time.
No need to turn to freelancers with every little task, ZennoPoster quickly solves your problems!

Software that suits everyone!
ZennoPoster does not require any special
knowledge. You do not need to spend years learning programming to create
a great bot! With new features that we've added in the new version,
creation of bots is more simple than ever before. All of the bots are
composed of intelligible blocks like a Lego model.

A lot of friends
Is there a lack of communication? Not a problem!
ZennoPoster helps you to get thousands of friends on Facebook and
Twitter followers.

Be the best known!
Participate in competitions; show your photos,
music and other creative work. Turn on ZennoPoster and increase your own
counters and votes, take the first place [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Happy Boss!
The boss calls for an increase in site traffic,
and does not want to finance it? Don't worry, turn on ZennoPoster, load a
list of public proxies and let fake visitors into the site, and let the
boss rejoice in the traffic growth [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Additional features
There are two inexpensive add-ons to the program - CodeCreator and CapMonster.
is an add-on specifically for programmers. By using it, you can control
the browser from within the code (PHP, .NET, etc.), and our browser
framework contains many useful features for SEO, that conventional frameworks don't, such as selenium.
Your bots will be multi-threaded, but you do not need to understand the
multi-threaded programming. You write code in the convenient editor with
a bunch of useful features such as IntelliSense and code highlighting.
is an add-on that allows you to create modules for captcha recognition!
It works with simple captchas, however such captchas are the last
things you would spend money on [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Top choice!
We have been successfully doing browser automation since 2008 and know everything about it [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
It is not difficult; you can create fast, stable bots that act like real site visitors.
You do not have to learn about many security features of sites, since ZennoPoster bypasses them automatically [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

ZennoPoster is …

a system for creation of

  • free hosts
  • social networks
  • twitter
  • e-mails
  • forum profiles
  • blogs

a scraper of

  • search engines
  • forums
  • websites with useful content

a poster to

  • blogs
  • forums
  • wiki sites
  • and other sites

an uploader of

  • files for file exchange services
  • pictures to image hosting

social bookmarker

Let's look very briefly at the differences between new and previous versions:
New ZennoPoster kept its high performance and
flexibility, but it got even more simple in terms of bot creation, with a
lot of newest features! Now the projects are created faster and easier,
due to the new feature IntelliSearch. Also, with this feature it is
possible to record a project not only for a specific site, but you are
also able to automate a lot of similar and different sites in one
Execution of projects has become more stable, your computer's resources
are used less, bot disguising has been perfected, all these features and
more are due to the new Firefox engine for ZennoPoster.
The Visual project editor was completely redesigned; now you can easily edit huge bots!
"Emulation of keystrokes and mouse" and "search by picture" will help you to quickly bypass complex protection.
Encryption of projects will help you sell bots without being afraid of them being shared in public without your permission.
New data types - lists and tables provide a convenient work with data.
And much more features.

Unique technologies

We are the first-ever to have made the browser work in a
multithreading capacity with independent control of cookies, cache and
proxies in each thread. It speeds up your work tenfold! You can run your
bots in 200+ threads.

IntelliSearch for auto-recording of projects
This unique field recognition technology allows you to
record your project very fast! It is only necessary to choose "yes" or
"no" and the project will be created by itself.

Work with flash sites
Websites with flash buttons and fields will not be a problem for you to automate.

Vusial Drag & Drop interface
ZennoPoster is very easy to use due to the convenient visual interface. In the new version you can edit huge bots!

Project support logic (if, swich) actions for creating flexible solutions.

System of disguise bots.
ZennoPoster clears cookies (11 species), cache, and uses
proxies! It replaces all parameters such as useragent, screen
resolution, browser language, operating system, and dozens of others!
When registering hundreds and thousands of accounts on one resource you will be represented as absolutely different web users.

Emulation and seach by picture
Keystrokes and mouse emulation allow you to bypass
complex protection of sites. Search by picture helps to click anywhere
in the browser, where the picture that you previously selected is found.

E-mail confirmation
ZennoPoster makes it easy to bypass the protection of a confirmation e-mail.

Manage browser from your own code
If you have PHP or C# programming skills you can use the
specially designed framework to manage the browser with your own code,
i.e. instead of using the usual project you can create your own program
that has full access to the browser. You can use all the advantages
provided by programming languages and at the same time manage your

Profile and unique nickname generator
The software automatically generates all the data of
person, browser, computer, and can save and load the data, along with

Powerful proxychecker
Free collection of thousands of alive proxies which
selects the best of them by using various filters and rules. It allows
you to be anonymous through all the stages of automation.
The new version can check 1 000 000 public proxies in less than 10 minutes!

Official Price of this software is $397 you can see [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I am giving you Zennoposter full version licence only for $57, PM me or mail me at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] INSTANTLY
Have questions, Let me know.
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Do you need Zennoposter?
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